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Great tiding to the industrial revolution and loads of thank for the invention of trucks. These are the vehicles which have contributed to enormous economies in their prowess and are the most vital commercial vehicles around the globe.

Get used trucks is the center that takes you to a step closure in experiencing and exploring these vehicles by allowing the buyers and sellers to deal in used trucks for their work purposes. The site is a market of selling and buying used trucks in it. It gives you the freedom of going through various trucks and their dealers at one junction. You will find light weight, medium sized and heavy duty trucks with the trailers too. These vehicles of different make and model will make a true compact data for you to choose from.

It's indeed a comprehensive base for the buyers, dealers and traders to buy and sell trucks of various make, model and size. A quick tour to the site will give you perfect idea of the collection of trucks on the site.

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Latest trucks added

2009 Peterbilt 388  Truck for Sale Peterbilt 2009 US$ 575000 VIEW DETAILS
2008 Peterbilt 340  Truck for Sale Peterbilt 2008 US$ 69500 VIEW DETAILS
2009 Peterbilt 388  Truck for Sale Peterbilt 2009 US$ 95000 VIEW DETAILS
1983 Am general M915  Truck for Sale Am general 1983 US$ 23950 VIEW DETAILS
2010 Peterbilt 384  Truck for Sale Peterbilt 2010 US$ 69500 VIEW DETAILS
1986 Peterbilt 359exhd  Truck for Sale Peterbilt 1986 US$ 225000 VIEW DETAILS

Latest Trailers added

2012 Atkinson 15 ft  Trailers for Sale Atkinson 2012 US$ 4000 VIEW DETAILS
1982 Vim   Trailers for Sale Vim 1982 US$ 35500 VIEW DETAILS
2012 Eager beaver   Trailers for Sale Eager beaver 2012 Call for Price VIEW DETAILS
2012 Eager beaver 60 gsl-3  Trailers for Sale Eager beaver 2012 US$ 65660 VIEW DETAILS
1998 Kidron   Trailers for Sale Kidron 1998 US$ 4000 VIEW DETAILS
2008 Spcn Trinity copy  Trailers for Sale Spcn 2008 Call for Price VIEW DETAILS

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